Prior to switching

If you want to switch or renew your energy supply the first place to start is with your energy bill. To make the process more efficient we’ve highlighted the information we need from you below.
However, if you don’t have the below to hand don’t worry, we can find this information out on your behalf!

When is your renewal date?

Helpfully most energy suppliers have printed your renewal date on the bill. Even if the date is more than 12 months away, some businesses can still authorise us to agree a new price now – saving you from potentially falling into out of contract rates if you forget when the renewal time comes.

What are your reference numbers?

Your bill also gives you relevant information that you will need to review your prices – such as the Mpan (electricity Meter Point Administration Number) or MPR (gas Meter Point Reference Number). These can be found on your bill and will look similar to the above example.

How much energy do you consume?

For electricity, multiply the monthly consumption by 12, or the quarterly consumption by 4. For gas, you may over estimate or under estimate depending on whether your bill is a winter bill or not, and whether you use more gas in winter on heating. Don't worry, we will help you work this out.