• What is a kilowatt-hour or kWh?

    Every appliance you use in your business will have a power rating measured in kilowatts. The power rating tells you the number of kilowatts that the appliance uses when on full power. A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is the amount of kilowatts the appliance uses per hour. So, for example, if you have an appliance with a power rating of 1.8 kilowatts, and you use that appliance for one hour on full power, then you have used 1.8 kilowatt-hours of power for all the time it has been on.

  • Who is OFGEM?

    Ofgem is the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, which was formed in June 1999. It promotes competition in the gas and electricity markets to ensure the consumers get genuine value and choice.

    Ofgem took over the task of looking after consumers from Consumer Focus in 2013, which was the independent consumer organisation created through the merger of Energywatch with Postwatch and the Welsh, Scottish and National Consumer Councils protect the interests of gas and electricity consumers.

    Ofgem is a good place to go for detailed energy supplier information, or if you need help dealing with your current energy supplier.

    Visit the OFGEM website

  • Is there a cooling off period with energy contracts?

    Business energy suppliers do not operate a policy of cooling off periods when agreeing contracts with their customers.  This is because suppliers forecast and buy the energy they supply on the wholesale market and as a result they incur significant cost at the point of contract agreement.

  • Do you just do energy?

    We are a utility broker and can help you obtain cost effective contracts for a number of services including gas, electricity, water, telecoms and associated services.

  • Why do you need a letter of authority?

    A letter of authority is essential to us doing all the work for you.  It allows us to represent you in our dealings with your existing and future energy suppliers. Without this authority we are unable to act on your behalf to obtain important information like your current contract end date (to ensure a seamless transfer to your new contract) and to undertake all actions necessary to overturn an objection to your transfer to your chosen supplier.

  • What if I have feedback on my service with Guild Energy?
    Complaints Process

    We work really hard to ensure that we provide an excellent service for all our customers. However, sometimes, things can go wrong. If that does happen, we’ll work with you to resolve it as soon as we can.

    Call us: 01772 365365

    Email us: support@guildenergy.co.uk

    Write to us: Guild Energy, Unit 202 Tea Factory, 82 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ

    Please provide your company name and address, and a contact name and phone number, so that we can get in contact and resolve your query as quickly as possible.

    What happens next?

    After you raise your complaint, we’ll contact you and carry out an investigation. We aim to be in contact within 48 hours. We want to address your concerns in the best way possible and will:

    Provide you with the details of what we’ve found. If we’ve made a mistake, we’ll apologise.

    We’ll also propose a plan of the different steps we can take to put things right in order to get the matter resolved for you as quickly as possible

  • What is a smart meter?

    A smart meter is simply an advanced meter that has the ability to communicate your energy useage directly to the supplier ensuring that they have accurate information regarding your useage and so provide more accurate bills.

  • How do you get me a better rate than going direct to a supplier?

    Because we deal with all of the leading energy suppliers on an ongoing basis we have access to all the most effective deals and prices on a daily basis. If you did this yourself you would have to contact over 20 plus suppliers and by the time you had compared all the prices and deal options the market will have changed and prices increased.

  • Why should you trust us?

    As a transparent utility broker compliance is at the core of our business values and behaviours. Our processes conform to the requirements of the ofgem draft TPI code.   Therefore you can have peace of mind that we will provide you with a professional service were quality assurance at the heart of these activities.

    As an independent utility broker our advice to you is free. However, in line with all commercial brokers, we are paid a fee by the supplier you decide to sign up with, dependent upon the supplier chosen and contract life cycle. This fee provides you with a host of services including dedicated account management, assistance with dispute resolution, termination with you current provider, price analysis and market comparison, ongoing market information and bill validation for our premium customers.

    If you require detailed information on the charges or fees applicable to your utility contract arranged by us, then please email your request to info@guildenergy.co.uk

    We also believe that our people are very important to us which is demonstrated by our recent accreditation to Workplace Wellbeing Charter National Award for England.

  • Do you keep my data and if so how can I find out what data you keep?

    Customers’ data provided to us will be retained for the purposes of managing your utility contracts. Under the Data Protection Act (DPA) requirements we can provide you access to the data that we retain. However under DPA requirements we can make a small administration charge of £10 for providing this data. This is known as an access request. Should you wish to make an information request please write to the Data Protection Officer by sending an email to support@guildenergy.co.uk. We will then advise you of how this charge can be paid before the data is provided. Once the administration charge is paid, the Data Protection Officer will aim to provide the relevant data within 14 days. Please note that the Data Protection Officer will always verify the identity of anyone making a subject access request before handing over any information

  • Are phone calls from and to Guild Energy recorded ?

    In line with the requirements of our suppliers and good management practice all our calls are recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.


  • What’s the difference between an Energy generator and a supplier?

    The following ofgem video explains how the industry operates.

    Energy Networks Explained

  • Do you have a glossary of terms
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