We help by...

...timing it just right

Energy purchasing is all about timing. With an understanding of the industry and market trends, we know the perfect time to buy in order to lessen your overall contract price. Our experts keep a keen eye on the market and have the negotiation experience to secure the best deal for you.

...building relationships

At Guild Energy, it's important that we don't just help you to secure a great deal one time only; we aim to build long-term relationships via our exceptional service. Every customer will have their own dedicated account manager who is just a phone call away when you have questions about your energy.

...dealing with suppliers

You don't need to stress over the management of your business energy. We oversee every step of the process, including dealing with the suppliers on your behalf. Whether it is discussing your contract or dealing with queries about your meter, just let us know and we will shoulder the burden for you.

...providing honest advice

The team at Guild Energy are not affiliated with any of the suppliers who may be offering you their services. Therefore, we provide guidance that is not only based on a thorough understanding of the energy industry but is independent, honest and trustworthy as well.