Lancashire based LG Energy Group (LGE) has recently announced the acquisition of Liverpool based Guild Energy in an exciting new venture.

LGE Managing Director, Asif Rizvi believes “These are exciting times for both the LGE and Guild Energy. The acquisition of Guild Energy further enhances our customer offering as the merger of SME with our current Industrial and Commercial products allows us to provide a more holistic approach to the market. The sharing of people, knowledge and systems across the companies will only strengthen the management and direction of both businesses”.

Co-founder of Guild Energy Paul Trepte is pleased to announce the acquisition of a controlling interest in Guild Energy by LGE. “There have been several key milestones in the ongoing development of the business. The first was the appointment of Karen Trepte whose vision and previous experience within the industry has helped us to achieve rapid growth and success. We have grown in less than two years from two people on day one to over 40 people across two office locations which we feel has been quite an achievement in this very competitive market. We continue to expand and are currently in another recruitment drive which will see us rise to 50 people by the end of the year. This has lead us to the point where we have become a valuable acquisition target for LGE. This latest milestone will allow the business to become a major force in this market and allow Guild to bring to the SME world some of the client propositions which the Industrial and Commercial customers have enjoyed for some time”, says Paul Trepte.
In the interim Karen Trepte remains as Managing Director of Guild Energy whilst Paul Trepte has now moved onto a Group role within the wider Rigby Organisation.

As the energy consultancy market is a crowded place, it is important to differentiate LGE as a specialist in energy procurement with its experienced traders and analysts. LGE is a consultancy with industry leading market intelligence thanks to LGE’s market intelligence brand, Energy Trader Daily (ETD).

Core principles of transparency, accountability and integrity are more than just a tag line, they run through everything that LGE does. Furthermore, the business is well respected within the industry and LGE’s team are regular speakers at the Major Energy Users’ Council seminars.