September’s monthly round up.

Can listening to music increase workplace cooperation? Do you work long hours? Do you handle cash the right way in your business? We have rounded up some fascinating stories from September to help you understand what’s occurring in both the energy sector and the business landscape as a whole.

Portrait of thumb up smiling business people

It’s often quicker to progress at a smaller company, and the role may be more fluid – here’s why shunning the big corporates may have been the best choice for your staff

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Listening to music while at work can help improve team or department cooperation, a new study has revealed

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Working better doesn’t necessarily have to mean working longer. These 4 small changes to how you work could help you to drastically increase your productivity levels and enable you to get more done in less time

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Despite advances in card technology, individuals still choose to pay by coins and banknotes for 52% of their transactions, according to the Payment Council. With polymer banknotes and the new £1 coin coming out in the near future, cash is still very much in the game

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EU hits energy reduction target six years early! Major savings reported across all sectors before 2020 goal but analysts warn UK could reverse gains after Brexit

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