May’s monthly round up.

Are you struggling with late payments? Do you know how to spot a ‘grey rhino’? We have rounded up some fascinating stories from May to help you understand what’s occurring in both the energy sector and the business landscape as a whole.

At the broadest level, the concept of running and growing a business is simple: Make sure you have more money coming in than going out, and reinvest it. In the real world, however, things are a little more complex than that. How do you limit your exposure to late payments?

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Can you spot a grey rhino? A highly probable, high impact threat that is neglected or outright ignored despite–or sometimes because of–its size. Far easier to spot than the black swan, faster moving and more dangerous than the elephant in the room, gray rhinos are the biggest problems facing companies.

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In this article only 11% of people say they have good levels of physical energy. That means 89% of the time we are running on empty. Is it time to re-assess where you spend your energy?

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 …… And one amazing story

Gel bathing, a waterless egg boiler and a photocopier that recycles the paper (!) are some of the exciting waterless products in development (and some on the market already). This is an important step in a world that is facing water shortages

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…And one about sustainability

People in Germany are now being paid to consume energy! Fair weather and high winds on Sunday 8 May saw wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants producing 54.6GW of power, roughly 80 per cent of the 68.4GW of power being consumed across the country at that time. In the long run, however, such high levels of renewable energy generation may be good for Germany, a country aiming to transform its electricity supply to 100 per cent renewable by 2050.

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