February’s monthly round up.

Have you heard about the new rechargeable batteries? Have you been thinking about appealing your business rates? Is there never enough time in your working week? We have rounded up some fascinating stories from February to help you understand what’s occurring in both the utilities sector and the business landscape as a whole.

Concept background of colorful batteries

Scientists from the University at Buffalo in New York have discovered a liquid which could be behind the next generation of rechargeable batteries, potentially capable of storing energy generated from renewable sources.

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Successful business rate reviews are falling, new figures show. The latest Valuation Office Agency statistics come before changes to the appeals system are implemented.

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One tweak to your business schedule could make all the difference between confidently accomplishing your strategic objectives and scrambling to keep up with the day to day. That simple change? Having a meeting free day a week.

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Websites help businesses grow faster than social media. New survey of UK small and micro business owners finds that half of those with a website experienced growth against those without.

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If you’re a small business owner, you may not have an HR department, which leaves you to do the interviewing and hiring when it’s time to expand.  It may seem overwhelming, but with some basic tips, you can absolutely step up to the challenge.

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