March’s monthly round up.

Could banning smoking during working hours be feasible? How would Brexit affect your energy deal? And will you be able to tweet a pigeon for air pollution information in the near future? We have rounded up some fascinating stories from March to help you understand what’s occurring in both the energy sector and the business landscape as a whole.


Do you ever have to push through a group of employees outside the building (and a cloud of cigarette smoke too) on their smoking break? With health taking a higher profile role in workplaces, more and more businesses are wondering whether to ban employees from smoking during working hours (including lunch breaks!) completely.
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Losing a laptop is a huge issue in itself, but there are also much more serious issues to think about such as breaking Data Protection laws. A sobering article from AXA.
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Lots of articles come out of Silicon Valley about high performing companies such as Facebook and Google.  However, we like this article about Netflix and how they maintain their high performing culture with some really soul searching questions.  With gems such as “Ask your Manager: If I told you I was leaving, how hard would you work to change my mind?”. Via our friends at Opus Energy.
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 …Amazing story

A London company Pigeon Air Patrol are putting pollution monitoring backpacks on pigeons to give information about air pollution in London.  You can tweet them to see what the pollution levels are in your area (London only),
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…And one about energy

It’s hard to know what propaganda to believe coming out of the Brexit campaign.  Whichever way the vote goes, it pays to ensure that you keep your eye on your energy contracts and their renewal date.
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