September’s monthly round up.

How do you motivate your employees? Does your brand suffer when you open multiple locations? Does your company encourage car pooling? We have rounded up some fascinating stories from September to help you understand what’s occurring in the business landscape.

What motivates employees more – carrot or stick? Some interesting research shows when to use both.  The surprising bit is it depends what you are wanting them to do, or not do!

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The concept of car pooling is by no means a new one. From finding co-workers to commute with via the staff noticeboard, to sharing the school run, the idea of catching communal lifts to save money and ease congestion has been around since long before apps and the sharing economy. Why is Britain slow to catch on?

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Growing a business is never easy, and there are unique challenges at every step of the way. There are two main challenges: firstly, improving the profit margin, and secondly, sustaining this growth in a healthy way. From keeping a closer eye on your expenditure to the benefits of business clusters, here are five things to think about that can help to get business booming and guarantee growth.

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Over half of employees in the UK are not happy in their jobs. Here’s a guide for business owners who want to raise a smile from their staff.

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Every company has growing pains—multiplying staff tenfold, nailing down mission statements, opening offices around the country. Yet because of all this success, you’ve developed a problem that few companies are lucky enough to ever have. You’re struggling to maintain your sense of brand culture.