For small & medium enterprises having a dedicated energy manager is often an overhead expense that cannot be justified.

This means that the benefits that can come from knowing exactly how you use energy and when you use it are not realised. Therefore any opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and hence costs are lost.

With Guild Energy’s E-Manager service you get access to a dedicated Energy Manager who manage the collection of your half hourly data, analyse this and provide you with a monthly report identifying whether there has been any unexpected energy use incidents that vary from your base line expectations. They will also recommend further actions for you to consider or discuss with your Guild Energy Account Manager. For lager clients we can also provide direct access to the E-manager portal.


How it works?

To implement the E-manager solution we just need a letter of authority from you which allows us to contact your current energy supplier in order to move your data collection onto the E-Manager portal. This will generally be cost neutral to you as the cost is offset by the current costs paid to your supplier for the current data collection & data aggregation. We will manage this entire process on your behalf ensuring that there is nothing for you to do other than receive the reports and recommendations.

Once you have been set up, we will monitor your energy usage, perform our analysis and provide you with a monthly report providing benefits to you such as;



Improved prediction of energy bills allowing improved budgetary control

Validation of your current usage against the suppliers bills

Early warning of unexpected usage against baseline data

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